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In March 2017 Delaware County was ordered by the Court to conduct a countywide property tax reassessment, effective for the 2021 tax year. Delaware County Council contracted with Tyler Technologies, Inc. in 2017 to provide real property appraisal services for the County’s 2020 general reassessment.

Fairness, Equity, and Transparency.

These three words do not typically come to mind when thinking of property taxes in the counties of Pennsylvania that have not reassessed in many years, in some cases, even decades. The goal is to bring a fairer property tax to their taxpayers through the reassessment of all property. The reassessment process was conducted by Tyler Technologies, nationally recognized experts, which surveyed approximately 200,000 properties over two years.  New assessment values are being set at what is projected to be the fair market value of the property (i.e. the amount the property could be sold for) as of July 1, 2019.

The county, as well as every municipality and school district, are prohibited by law from using the reassessment to raise additional revenues.  Following the reassessment, millage rates will be adjusted up or down or remain the same to ensure no additional revenues are collected as a result of an overall increase in market values.

Filing an Appeal

IF YOU FEEL THAT YOUR PROPERTY HAS NOT BEEN FAIRLY ASSESSED there is an opportunity to contest your property's valuation if it appears to be too high. You must file a formal appeal by September 1.


Formal Appeals

Delaware County Council asked the Court to establish a deadline of September 1, 2020 for all appeals from the Countywide Reassessment notices because of a concern that citizens could inadvertently miss an earlier deadline.  The Court granted the request.  All appeals from the Countywide Reassessment notices must be received or postmarked by September 1. No Processing Fee is due for filing a Countywide Reassessment appeal.

Once the assessment office receives your appeal it will be scheduled for a hearing.  A notice of the hearing date/time will be mailed to you by regular mail at least 20 days prior to the hearing. You may also send an email to request an electronic copy of your hearing notice.              


Hearings will be held in person with restrictions as required/recommended by public health officials.  The Board is also planning to hold virtual hearings using remote technology and/or telephone hearings.   You will be asked on the appeal form whether you want to be scheduled for a virtual or telephone hearing.   If you do not select this option, you will be scheduled for an in-person hearing with social distancing in place.  


Contact Gibson&Perkins, PC


The attorneys at Gibson&Perkins, PC can assist you in obtaining the lowest tax assessment for your commercial or residential property. 


For general questions about the appeal forms, please contact:

Paul Fellman, Esq. @ or Call 610 565 1708 Ext 106

Walter Timby, Esq. @ or Call 610 565 1708 Ext 103

Suite 204 100 W Sixth Street
Media, Pennsylvania 19063



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